Thursday, June 18, 2009

What are we doing?

I drank about 1/2 gallon of OJ trying to get this baby to do his kick count. He must have been tired because of all the late nights we've been up watching movies, etc. So the lack of sleep probably just caught up to him. He just wasn't moving so I drank tons of OJ and Cold water (Both which usually have him kicking up a storm). Then he finally started kicking between 8-8:15. Thank God!

I haven't felt like doing much lately, Paul and I took a late walk tonight and only went about 1 mile. LAZY!! Then watched some more Netflix.

I think amidst all the horror stories about pregnancy that everyone has been more than willing to share with me during my pregnancy (To make me ultra paranoid and extremely hormonal) and all the other unwanted advice and scary stories noone thought to mention that..

Most 1st babies are commonly delivered OVERDUE?
Is that true? Give me your input on that one.
We thought for sure this kid was coming before we could manage to get everything ready (I know, I know, everyone feels that way) and now I feel like we are sitting around waiting.

The anticipation is literally killing me and i'm sure it's killing Paul too. I don't even bother to tell Paul even when I have some big contractions even if they are regular because ultimately they always go away and there is no sense in getting him all excited about me going into labor because I feel like it will NEVER happen. I wonder what the world record for length of pregnancy is? I know a few people I know have gone up to 42 weeks and I pray that I don't have to go that long!

On another note the only semi-productive thing I did today was put together Aiden's Crayon Roll....In camo of course......


  1. Yes, we were told in our birthing class that most 1st babies are overdue by a week. In those terms, you are almost there! My girls both came early, but most of my girlfriends 1st babies came late. Praying that Jude makes it here sooner than later! I know in the old days they would let babies go until like 44 weeks! Eeeek! The babies would get really large and be born with dry cracked skin and long finger nails. Crazy!

  2. I think most pregnancies go longer then they are due. I was two weeks late, but I don't think they let babies go that long anymore. I bet when you are at Hoag on Monday they will decide to get things started. Hang in there sister!
    Here is a link for the longest pregnancy, you better not go this long:

  3. Diana-
    I'm so suprised they never mentioned it in my birthing class and it is such an obvious thing you would want to share with all the overanalytical 1st time moms:) Thanks for letting me know!

    Thanks for the encouragement and the laughs:)