Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pregnant Ladies Float

Today was a wonderful, mild summer day. Not too hot, not too cold. We got a break from June Gloom today, the sunshine was just what I needed.

I checked the weather early this morning and weather.com said that it would be cloudy today here with temp in the 60's and I was bummed. I really wanted to go swimming today. I ended up going to sleep really late in the morning and then just slept a little into the day. I woke up to the construction workers applying stucco to the new townhomes being built outside our door. Thanks Danielle for warning me about how noisy that is, I have been watching the construction progress and anticipating the noise.

I got up and Paul and I went for a walk, only a mile, my back hurt too much from overcompensating for my belly today. When i've been walking lately 3 miles is usually not a problem now that my sciatica has mostly become intermittent with the baby repositioning himself.

It was fairly hot today though so we went straight home after walking and changed for the pool. The pool was awesome, especially since I feel like my belly is so big it could not possibly get bigger and my feet just started swelling really bad last week!

When we got to the pool Paul said "Let's not have any impromptu water births while we're here". At the pool Paul was laughing at me since I like to just float on my back in the pool and now my belly is a huge bump sticking up out of the water. As I was floating in the pool with my ears under water I was imagining how loud it is for Jude all the time in his little swimming pool:) We are definately going to use some of Karp's methods for calming crying when he decides to be born. Paul can't wait to use the loud shhhhhhhhhhhh technique:)

FYI Pregnant ladies float:) As evidenced by this funny picture of my belly poking out of the water.

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