Monday, June 15, 2009

Jude's First Blanket

This brown baby blanket will be great when Jude finally arrives! I used a sweet quilting print i've had and loved for a long time and just haven't used with a super soft minkee/minky back:)Here is a picture:

Took forever to pin and forever to sew with soft batting between. Paul had to help me with laying out the layers so many times because my bowling ball belly makes it really difficult for me to cut and lay out fabric for large projects:) What a good hubby, he helped me with literally no complaining.

If you are interested in sewing one of these blankets they are very easy to sew. You just need to decide what size blanket you want to make and pick a nice soft cotton (quilting ones often have cute prints) cut to the size you want then choose a soft minky as a backing and cut slightly larger than the cotton. Here is a tutorial that basically explains the manner in which I constructed my blanket, only difference is that I added batting for more substance. Minky Blanket Tutorial