Monday, June 29, 2009

Having a Rough Day

We are having kind of a rough day.We had a great night last night and Jude started waking up more and feeding better. This morning he had a hearing test, some labs and his circumcision. We found out his bilirubin is higher so he will be on a bili blanket while in hospital today while we are waiting to have the home bili blankets delivered. This is Jude under the hospital Bili Light (He isn't loving it under the light) Update later if we have the energy. Paul has been awesome! I don't know how we would do this without each other!!

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  1. VERY cute baby! Congratulations!!!!! That blog is a great idea too, although I'm not sure why you've put the baby into a tanning booth already, man, that's a little premature don't you think! But he does look good in those shades!;-)