Friday, June 19, 2009

Afternoon Naps

I think I took at least a 3 hour nap today.
Woke up and it was dark.
I hate it when I do that.
Not that that has happened much in the last two years, things have been entirely too busy to take a moment for any rest. This week though I think i've fallen asleep twice on the couch, weird!

Now we are watching Cider House Rules from Netflix. How can I have not see this before? I think in the past I have seen bits and pieces of it, never the whole thing. So we are watching it now anyways.

Today I finally made something else for Jude, a camouflage bib and i'm working on a tie onesie that will hopefully bring lots of laughs and smiles.

Tomorrow i'm going to work on some smaller baby blankets with super soft minkee/minky on one side and plain cotton on the other. Should be some nice easy projects.

Oh and because I didn't feel like changing my thread tonight I also made a remote caddy because I still had black thread on my machine. I know, what a weirdo, would have taken me a lot less time to just change it and finish the tie onesie. :) Maybe i'll post a picture tomorrow.

Here is a picture of one of the onesies i'm working on, hope he'll fit into it!:)

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